NOTE: The list does not set the Reply-To header, when posting responses to the list, if your mail client does not support Reply to List, then use Reply to All and remove the poster from the list of recipients. It is assumed, unless otherwise stated, that the poster is on the list and would like replies to go there.

When using the ALUG mailing lists please only send plain text e-mail, HTML e-mail will be held for moderation, and will therefore be delayed until a moderator has time to read it, and is likely to get rejected if it's not the first post from that e-mail address/person. This page has links to instructions for ensuring messages are plain text only for various mail clients.

Try to keep responses trimmed and inline with the message that you're responding to, it's far easier to read that way than if you top post responses, i.e.

> Question?!


Rather than:


> Question

For futher information, search the fine web for "Why is top posting evil". Or read the following example.

A: You're wrong
Q: I've never found that to be true
A: Because it makes following messages more difficult
Q: Why is top-posting evil?

Do not post private responses to public messages back to the list without the permission of the author.

Also, please don't SHOUT.

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