Hi, I am Jim - Linux user, enthusiast and administrator since around 1998.

Working as a RHEL Systems Administrator in Cambridge, and currently living in Fakenham I don't have loads of time to devote to casual use or lug participation at the moment - in fact I have yet to manage to attend a meet, but I do try to keep up with the mailing list at least, and occasionally poke my nose into IRC.

You can find me on Twitter and identi.ca as @jimrippon and my (woefully out-of-date) blog lives at http://jim.rippon.me.uk

I have a good number of Linux PCs running at home and online - presently, the running ones are Fedora and CentOS. I have also played lots with Ubuntu (on Servers and Desktops), Gentoo (again on servers and desktops), Debian and Mint. I have a little bit of experience playing with various flavours of BSD - mostly FreeBSD being a legacy I have inherited from a previous incumbent at work - and also AIX and Solaris. Because I live in the real world, I also have experience with Windows system administration, and have spent a lot of time and effort on getting things working together both ways between Windows and the free world.

I also do quite a lot of network admin/design and security, and I have a fair bit of experience in complicated network designs and iptables configuration.

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