Syleham 10.0 Anniversary on the 3rd of May 2009

Many Thanks to Adam and John (quinophex and BJ) for getting this organised.

Also Wildduck, Bea and Seb made some tasty birthday cake.

All in all a pretty good turnout..some old and some new faces.

Wayne (DrJeep) provided a 1999 vintage machine complete with an almost functional installation of Redhat 6.0. Ted kindly brought round a Daewoo laptop of similar vintage running Debian.

Redhat 6.0 box with missconfigured X and a Viperfang (Ben) peering into his Beer.

Sadly attempts to get the Redhat machine on the internet lead uncooperative wifi signal that just wasn't..and the wifi in BJ's house just being that bit too far away didn't help. Then just before the final pint when we almost had enough enthusiasm to try again the power went...Damn.

Picture of iDunno mid failure to associate with BJ's wifi.

That said after much swearing we did have a functional desktop running at 1024x768 at 32bit colour depth.

Although on the way we melted quinophex's brain with Xfree86 manpages circa 1999.

iDunno managed to get the bios into Spanish mode, something I have not been able to reverse..thanks Brett :)

Ultimately we gave up and re-ran the installation, our conclusion is that generally speaking Linux is easier to get working now and gnome is surely prettier...but that said the installation time for Redhat 6 on vintage hardware was only circa 15 minutes.

Picture below is (left to right) Jenny(ergates) Arm, Viperfang(Ben), xelnaga(Steve), Steve Fosdick, an unknown chap with Adam(quinophex) behind him, Brett(iDunno) with BJ(John) in front next to BJ Jnr, and finally a bit of Katsmeat's the background you can see Wildduck.

Also present but not in shot were Kev and James(jessiejazza), Ted, Bea, Seb and Myself.

Moving on BJ suggested that he wouldn't mind doing the kit meets more regularly if there was enough interest..perhaps every 6 months.

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