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[[http://www.alug.org.uk/index.cgi/Syleham2009KitMeet|ALUG 10th Anniversary]], held on Sunday 3rd May 2009 in Syleham.

== Syleham ==
Syleham and Wingfield Village Hall
IP21 4LT
A frequent venue for kit meets, ALUG uses Syleham and Wingfield Village Hall as guests of the SWCC (Syleham and Wingfield Computer Club). [[JohnWoodard|BigJohn]] arranges the village hall for us and a small collection is usually taken to cover hall fees.

=== How to get there ===

Nearest station Diss 8 miles (taxi or lift from station)


 * From Norwich and the north follow A140;
 * Colchester, Ipswich and the South follow A12, A14, A140;
 * Lowestoft, Gt.Yarmouth and the east follow A146, A143, A140;
 * Bury St. Edmunds, Thetford and the west follow A143, A1066, A140;
 * Mars, Jupiter and Alpha Centauri follow Inter Galactic Subspace Route 6791/B and keep taking the tablets...

From A140 Ipswich-Norwich Road take B1118 towards Stradbroke, through villages of Oalkey and Hoxne for about 3.25 miles. Just after the 30mph restriction for Hoxne take the left hand fork at series of bends ignoring sign "Syleham and Wingfield Alternative Route for Heavy Vehicles" for about 1.25 miles. Take the first right hand turni
ALUG 10th Anniversary, held on Sunday 3rd May 2009 in [[MidSuffolk|Syleham]].

Kit Meets

Venues for kit meets include:

Previous Kit Meetings

ALUG 10th Anniversary, held on Sunday 3rd May 2009 in Syleham.

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