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Next Ipswich meeting: <<NextMeeting("ipswich", "yes")>>

Next Norwich meeting: <<NextMeeting(location="norwich")>>

Anglian Linux User Group

Welcome to the webpages for Alug the Anglian Linux User Group. We are a group of Linux loving geeks primarily based in Norfolk and Suffolk but our lug covers the whole of the East Anglia area and we also have members further afield.

Unfortunately our old wiki fell victim to a problem with our old hosting provider but thanks to JonathanMcDowell and his generosity we have a new wiki on his server. Anyhow this is a new and much emptier ALUG wiki. Please help us recreate our content and enhance it too.


Monthly PubMeetings take place in Norwich and Ipswich, 2nd Thursday of the month for Norwich at the Coach & Horses, see the PubMeetings page for more details.

Next Ipswich meeting:

Next Norwich meeting:

We also occasionally run KitMeets, see the KitMeets page for more details.

Many of us attend Linux conferences and tradeshows. To see a list of upcoming events that members of ALUG are attending, visit the LinuxConferences page.


Much of ALUGs communication takes place on IRC for information on how to connect see AlugIRC and to see who is who on IRC check out our IRCNames page.

Mailing List

Alug has a mailing list for the discussion and technical help with Linux, our mailing list can be found at http://lists.alug.org.uk/

Planet ALUG

Many of ALUG's members are bloggers too!

The aggregator for these blogs can be found here and feeds for your favorite RSS aggregator are available in the RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 formats. If you would like your feed added to the planet, then please send a feed url, and a name to iDunno@sommitrealweird.co.uk or kick him on IRC or something... (If you happen to see Paperface aka David Reynolds, then he can also edit the feeds we use).

Social Networking

Some of Alug's members are avid gamers, you can find our online GamerTags on this wiki and add your own.

We have a Facebook group here.

For Identi.ca users, we have a group page here.

Do you scrobble to Last.FM? We have a group page here.

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