I have recently started learning about linux and what it stands for. I liked what I saw and started by installing Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), from there I moved to 7.10 (Gutsy). Unfortunately I found that they started to change standards, something I do not approve of. So I decided that I needed to move away from it.

I tried Gentoo, but it is a little too back to basics for me. All that compiling, completely configured from scratch. So I have started to use debian, based on recommendations and the fact that Ubuntu is based upon it, meaning that I am used to the apt-get way of life.

I joined the ALUG by going to the the meeting on the 13th of December 2007 in the Reideer Pub. I have my own domain, feel free to make comments via the contact page there...http://viperfang.net

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